Registration to Batch 003 extended till 17th April 2023.
AC shuttle Bus service started from Burdy to IIM Nagpur for Agri Summer School 2023.
Registration to Batch 003 extended till 17th April 2023.
AC shuttle Bus service started from Burdy to IIM Nagpur for Agri Summer School 2023.
Agri summer school

Farm to Fork!

An insightful journey into farming life and its grit.


Days left for Batch 003 Registrations to close.

An unparalleled experience that you'll cherish for a lifetime.

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Benefits of this program

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Our Batches

Batch 1

10th to 14th April

Batch 2

17th to 21th April

Batch 3

24th to 28th April

Batch 1

10th to 14th April

Batch Full

Batch 2

17th to 21th April

Batch Full

Batch 3

24th to 28th April

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Event Details

5th -8th grade
9th- 12th grade

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Why should you attend ?

Farming Teaches Where Their Food Comes From:

Numerous kids were unaware of the ingredients in their food or where it came from. Knowing the origins of their food, the methods used to raise it, and the incredible journey that food takes from the farm to the table benefits children in life.

Farming Teaches Responsibility:

Everything that is cultivated or raised on a farm is dependent upon the farmer. To raise and create a high-quality, wholesome, and delectable product, daily care for animals and plants is necessary. Every day, on every farm, work is done that involves feeding and watering, cleaning and grooming, building and fixing.

Farming Teaches How to Care for Animals:

Animal care is crucial to producing high-quality food. Children learn via farming why and how various animals require different feed, different kinds of shelter, and different care at various times. It teaches children to be conscious of, perceptive of, and alert to the many needs of animals.

Farming Teaches Life Skills:

Life Skills Taught by Farming: Certain things simply cannot be learned from a book or in school. Children of all ages learn valuable life lessons from farming, including how to grow their food, work hard, communicate, and care for others.

Farming Teaches Kids Safety Skills:

The first rule of farming is to always be conscious of your surroundings. Working on machinery, milking cows, working on the farm, etc. all call for constant vigilance regarding safety. Children are taught to always be vigilant to protect themselves, the animals, and the farm they are on.

Farming Teaches to have a Larger Respect for Farmers:

Farming is not for the gullible. To succeed, you need to have a lot of tenacity and the right skill set. Farmers must use their expertise in growing a particular crop, including their understanding of its botany, nutrition, illnesses, water needs, etc. It needs everyone, from administration to science to technological know-how.

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